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Foamcore, Foam Board

Foamcore is a great advertising product used mainly for indoor events. It's usually placed on easels or mounted on the wall.

Foam Board Features:
Maximum size: 48" x 96" (4ft x 8ft)
Material: Mounted on 3/16" thick white foam board by default. Can also be mounted on 3/16 Black, 3/8 White & 3/8 Black foam board.
Sides: By default it's 1 sided, but you have the option to print on both sides.
Finishing/Lamination: Both Glossy and Matte lamination options are available. We also have Dry-Erase Lamination, which is a custom estimate.
Grommets: Grommets are used for hanging the foam board. Usually it's placed on top 2 corners.
Turnaround: Standard turnaround is 2 business days for foam boards. For larger orders we will contact you regarding the completion date. Next day and Xpress Turnarounds are also available.

Foam board printing in Los Angeles

 Are you looking for Foam Boards printing services in Los Angeles? Here we are! Foam Cores are great signage for indoor. Great for placing a stand for presentations as well as a signage on walls. The poster will be mounted on the foam to give it a thicker and nicer look for you to be able to stand it against a surface to represent your company. You have the option of a thickness of 3/16 or 3/8 white Foamcore. Thesefoamcores regularly take about 3-4 business days. In addition, we offer rush same day or next day turnaround for rush orders. If you’re looking something interesting, traditional or modern and creative, you have come to the right place. We put up for sale full-color printing to foam board sheets, up to 4  x  8, printed on our UV curable flatbed press. Foam boards are a popular choice for any application requiring low-cost rigid printed panels. We also offer high definition, so when it comes to Foam boards, less is more. Simple, elegant designs that make clever use of the space are the order of the day. You can use foam boards to create your entire trade show walls. Our works are with great prices and with a combination of experience and passion. Foam board is an economical, lightweight, rigid foam centered board with a clay coated paper face.

Los Angeles Foam Core Printing

Foam Boards are the most professional way to show off your HQ images by mounting your posters. We produce unique ideas that can’t be duplicated with other printing companies in Los Angeles. If you want your menu board sign, indoor sign, or advertising signs to look perfect in your business, then foam board printing is the best solution for you. You can count on us for every project. It is available in white and black sheets up to  ½" thick. Black sheets can be printed using white and color inks to create interesting visual effects. Foam boards are great for event signage, trade shows and are projects.  Our Foam Boards are printed carefully and delivered by our trusted service. We have different sizes and thickness that we can produce for your next event.  We are able to deliver next day anywhere in Los Angeles. We are proud to offer HQ foam boards at a price that no one else can order. Foam cores leave the right impression and it will help you be remembered for the right reasons. We enjoy having your job ready the next day. Common applications for printed foam board panels include presentation graphics, temporary indoor graphic signage, large stand up rigid signs, life-size cutouts, museum exhibits and more. We can print a sheet of foam board, single-sided or double-sided. We understand that some customers want something a little bit different for their Los Angeles Foam boards printing and if you are looking for a specific foam board size, shape then just get in touch by phone or email and we’ll make sure you’ll get exactly what you want. Connect with us to get started.